Joshua Söhn
Designer, Berlin

I create digital software for human beings, where all disciplines of design meet with technology.

Portrait by Ana Santl

What exactly are you doing?

I'm mainly a Digital Product Designer, which means I'm designing and structuring digital products, like mobile apps, to make people happy while using those. I occasionally also do Front-End Development.

What is your goal?

I'm focused on creating simple-to-use, human-centered designs. I believe in doing good work without rushing, working with instead of for clients and putting quality over quantity.

What inspires you?

I'm most influenced and inspired by Minimalism, Scandinavian (especially Danish) design and individuals like Dieter Rams, Ken’ya Hara and Bruno Munari.

How can I reach you

Just send an email to I'm also on Twitter a lot. You can find snippets of my design work on Dribbble.

So, what are you working on at the moment?

I'm currently working as a Designer for Kontist, building a better banking experience for freelancers. I'm responsible for Brand, Marketing and Product Design. On the side I'm currently making sharing and managing contacts simpler.

Which tools do you use?

I mostly use Sketch for all of my digital design work, Affinty Designer for vector/print and Atom for coding (for example this website).

Any proof your work is actually good?

I hope so! It has been featured on some various sites such as Siteinspire, Design Made In Germany, Smashing Magazine, The Gallery, Typeverywhere, 365 Awesome Designers and Nice Portfolio. But that doesn't mean much tbh. I rather talk about what makes it good.