Based in Berlin, Germany I'm focused on creating simple-to-use, human-centered designs. I believe in doing good work without rushing, working with instead of for clients and putting quality over quantity.

I'm most influenced and inspired by Minimalism, Scandinavian (especially Danish) design and individuals like Dieter Rams, Ken’ya Hara and Bruno Munari.


I'm currently freelancing and working at Kontist, building a better banking experience for freelancers.

Recently I worked on Vossy, a service to book boutique and luxury hotels. You can view recent work snippets here.

If you are interested in working with me, I'm currently sadly not available for any new projects.

My work has been featured on some various sites such as Siteinspire, Sites we like, The Gallery, Typeverywhere, 365 Awesome Designers and Nice Portfolio.


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